VASP orchestration platform

VASP Orchestration Platform

The only Travel Rule compliant solutions that links verified customer identities to VASP transactions.Secure privacy compliant identification of originator and beneficiary of VASP transactions.
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VASP Orchestration Platform

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

The FATF Travel Rule is a new requirement for cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallet providers, and financial institutions that exchange, hold, safe keep, convert and sell virtual assets. This rule requires virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to disclose specific customer data when transacting crypto assets over a particular threshold.

The Digid platform supports full compliance to the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF’s) Travel Rule, from counterparty due diligence to real-time transaction analytics, across Banking, Crypto, and DeFi markets. Designed to meet the performance, reliability, and security requirements of scale-up crypto exchanges and enterprise financial institutions in any jurisdiction.

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VASP Orchestration Platform

Link Verified Customer Identities
to VASP Transactions

Digid builds FATF travel rule compliance into digital identities and wallets. We provide onboarding of account holders, VASPS, and wallets, and automatically identity VASP-to-VASP transactions and the data requirements per jurisdiction.

We support multiple protocols for global interoperability and secure end-to-end encryption for travel rule data transmitted.


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