Trust & Privacy

Digid does not store your information. We know "what" you are but not exactly "who" you are. We only store attestations of claims about your identity, not the raw data.

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No PII - Privacy by Design

Digid does not store any PII, but instead builds Identity Claim Attestations and Verifiable Credentials that can share the minimal data required to satisfy 3rd party identity verification requests. Through selective disclosure, claims can be validated instantly such as age verification, citizenship, verifiable income levels, and other data points without revealing the full identity or any PII about a user.

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Personal Data

Digid does not store any personal data at any time. PII is used at the initial onboarding of an account and is then destroyed as verifiable credentials are used going forward.

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Hashed Data

Most of the data that Digid does store is first hashed and then persisted in a private, permissioned blockchain. Because the hash in one-way and irreversible it is impossible even for Digid to map the data back to physical or personal details about a user.

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A demo is worth a 1,000 words...

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