id verification

Real-Time Identity Verification

Verification inside any type of transaction. Instantly verify users and identity claims.
always verified

Real-Time Identity Verification

Once Verified Always Verified, Every Time (Others Just do it Once)

Whereas other solutions in the market verify identity once (usually during the initial KYC process), Digid verifies the Identity every single time and, in fact, the identity score gets stronger after every transaction.


Real-Time Identity Verification

Why real-time matters

Digid's Real-time Identity Proofing enables the service to be used transactionally as the process is extremely fast (under 500 milliseconds!) whereas most identity solutions are on a sub-and-wait basis and therefore cannot be utilized in a transaction.

age verification

Real-Time Identity Verification

Age Verification

Digid's Age Verification as a Service provides an efficient and reliable solution for businesses that need to confirm the age of their customers, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and preventing underage access to age-restricted products or services.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this service offers a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.

phishing account

Real-Time Identity Verification

Eliminate Phishing & Prevent Account Takeover

Even if a hacker were to intercept an SMS One Time Password (ie. SIM swap), or simply phish the necessary information on the internet to claim to be a valid user, Digid would not trust the claim.


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