Best in class KYC, AML/CTF, Liveness and Document Verification. Expedited onboarding for identities already registered in the Digid network.
know your customer


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Digid's streamlined KYC process during account onboarding allows for a quicker and more efficient experience, significantly reducing wait times for customers while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Digid leverages trusted third party sources and public systems of record to verify data such as Name, email, phone, address, DOB, national number, and other pertinent data.

anti money laundering



To comply with the strictest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations and obligations, Digid can screen an individual’s information against external watch lists and check if a user exists on any known watch list maintained by governments, enforcement agencies, or financial authorities.

AML/CTF check lists include International sanctions lists, Country specific sanctions lists, Politically exposed persons (PEPs), Law enforcement lists, FATF lists, Heads of international organizations, directors and major shareholder lists, Criminal lists, and Adverse media.

id verification


ID Document Capture & Verification

Digid's ID Document Auto Capture Automatically identifies the identity document type (passports, ID cards, driving licenses, foreigner permanent residence cards), edition, and issuing country. Our AI-powered identity document verification captures, reads, and cross-checks the data from an ID in milliseconds.

To build trust in the onboarding process, our neural networks are also trained to detect distinct document fraud attempts. In order to verify a user, document processing components of our SDK also extract a holder’s photo on the ID so that biometric verification can be performed.

liveness check


Liveness Checks

By incorporating enhanced Liveness Checks during account onboarding, Digid ensures that users are physically present and actively engaged in the process, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft. Digid allows for passive liveness that does not require the end user to do any challenge.

The solution also includes active liveness where the user can be challenged to do things like smile or move their eyes as an added layer of security. Digid biometrics and liveness checks support both native apps (e.g. iOS, Android) and web platforms. The solution does not require the relying party have a mobile app. Verified by iBeta, our technology is compliant with ISO 30107-3 Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

irreversible dynamic biometric


Irreversible Dynamic Biometric Template

Digid's patent-pending dynamic biometric template safely captures biometric data, which is then stored as a dynamically changing template in our network. The template's changes are based on various factors that such time, events, and contextual and environmental factors, and remains up-to-date and adaptable to the user's evolving biometric characteristics.

By storing the template in Digid's secure network it can be accessed and compared across any device used by the account holder. The template is non-reversible and non-traceable, meaning it cannot be used to identify an actual person's biometric on its own. It only becomes meaningful when compared to a real-time capture of the person's biometrics at a given point in time, preserving privacy and security.

privacy preserving and compliant


Privacy Preserving and Compliant

Even while Digid's onboarding process is AML and KYC compliant, we never store or pass any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) thereby ensuring automatic privacy compliance for all our clients and their customers.

Digid has passed rigorous industry certifications including FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, PAD-2, SOC2 and ISO 27001.

fast onboarding


Fast Onboarding

Digid's onboarding is designed to be fast and as seamless as possible using only those parameters requested by our clients and can be done in any order desired. If the end user already has a Digid via an existing service provider attributes of the identity can be verified and shared for a shorter onboarding process.

If the end user already has a Digid via an existing service provider attributes of the identity can be verified and shared for a shorter onboarding process.


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