payment authorization

Non-Payment Authentication

Strong multi-factor authentication for logins, account updates, or any sensitive events that require authentication.
any flow

Non-Payment Authentication

Step-up Authentication
for any Flow

Digid combines biometrics and strong cryptograms for a fast multi-factor authentication that can be used as step-up to existing authentication schemes during any "sensitive event" both payment and non-payment.

This replaces traditional methods, such as SMS OTPs or Authenticator Apps, with a more secure method that is also more convenient for the account holder. It is multi-channel, does not require a mobile app, and works across physical branches, call centers, or via websites or mobile apps and can be plugged into virtually any use case.

private key

Non-Payment Authentication

Identity-Based Authentication

Digid's Passwordless login goes beyond a simple MFA, it confirms the customer's IDENTITY thereby making it significantly more secure.

The private key that is verified during authentication is cryptographically linked to the user's identity.


Non-Payment Authentication

Passwordless Login

"While enhancing security, Digid's Passwordless login ensures customers will never again experience lost passwords and account lockouts.

By making the passwordless login process fast and easy, Digid's solution reduces the customer friction of usernames and passwords and one-time-passcodes, and greatly improves the customer experience.

liveness check

Non-Payment Authentication

Independent Liveness Checks

Stand alone liveness checks, both passive or active, can be used as a step-up authentication that is even stronger than a biometric and cryptography. Advanced liveness checks play a vital role in ensuring that the user is physically present during the verification process, thwarting attempts to use stolen or spoofed identity data.

By incorporating this layer of security, our clients can significantly enhance their authentication systems, safeguarding both their users and their reputation in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

crypto signed

Non-Payment Authentication

Cryptographically Signed

Incorporating cryptographically signed authentication from both sides in the process adds an extra layer of security, verifying the authenticity and integrity of communication between the user and the service provider.

This robust approach helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and tampering, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected and secure throughout the transaction. In additional, all transactions are persisted on an immutable, private and permissioned blockchain operated on Digid's network for a strong audit trail.

no personal identifiable information

Non-Payment Authentication


Because there no shared secrets to intercept or that are vulnerable to phishing attacks Digid's solution provides a stronger level of security vs. traditional MFA solutions.

There are no passwords, one-time generated passwords, or other vulnerable shared data that both the user and service provider must validate. Even if a hacker were to intercept an SMS OTP (ie. SIM swap), or simply phish the necessary information on the internet to claim to be a valid user, Digid would not trust the claim.


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