Identity Attestations & Verifiable Credentials

Quickly verify identity claims about individuals without requiring all of their personally identifiable information. Confirmation of a valid KYC credential, Financial Account, Age verification, Citizenship, and so on and can be confirmed without sharing sensitive data.

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Why They Are Needed?

Using public-private cryptography and privacy-preserving methods, identity claim attestations and verifiable credentials enable the digital validation of user claims data without actually sharing the raw data.

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Issued in the Background

Neither the end user or the relying party need to be involved in the creation of the identity claim attestations and verifiable credentials on the Digid network. Credentials are created automatically, behind the scenes as identity claims about a user are validated across service providers.

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Selective Disclosure

Selective disclosure allows you to validate claims about yourself without sharing the raw PII data. Instead of sharing your birthdate, a VC can validate you are over a certain age. Or instead of providing your home address, a VC can validate you are a citizen of a country, state, or town.

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Attribution Based

Digid verifies attributes about a user but not necessarily who the real person is. Factors such as financial credit score, race, and other granular information is not captured or used for identity purposes. We know "what you are" (e.g. a real person) and not "who you are".

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Why SSI Aren’t the Answer?

SSI wallets are a great vision but unfortunately in today's world the infrastructure doesn't yet exist for practical use. Interoperability challenges and user adoption make it very difficult to rely on an SSI model. Digid can provide the same verifiable credential sharing services where the user is in control without having to burden them with installing and managing an SSI wallet.


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