Easy Integrations

With a single API and SDK integration Digid is cross-platform and out-of-the-box easy. We also support industry standards such as FIDO2, OAuth2.0, OIDC, and W3C DIDs and VCs.

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Digid's single API is modular-based and supports all the required backend integration in a simple interface. Everything from onboarding, authenticating, and requesting credentials can be accomplished with our API.

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SDK's (iOS, Android, Browser)

The SDKs are cross-platform and support both native integrations with iOS and Android, as well as web. The SDKs can also be used for a seamless and consistent authentication experience across browsers and native app webviews.

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Integrations (Platforms)

Digid is integrated with Q2 digital banking platform and available in the accelerator partner marketplace. Future integrations with MX and other digital banking platforms are coming soon.

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Industry Standards Support

Digid embraces industry standards such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, FIDO, SAML, W3C DID, W3C VC, and others. Digid is a complementary identity service that can integrate and enhance the existing implementation of these protocols. Sharing verifiable credentials via OpenID Connect or using Digid to bootstrap a FIDO credential are some examples.


A demo is worth a 1,000 words...

To book a Demo, please contact us at demo@digid.world or book a meeting directly via: Calendly by clicking the button on the right.