Biometrics & Liveness

Digid incorporates biometrics as well as both active and passive liveness options to ensure it's the real person on the other end. Our solution works across platforms and does not require a mobile app.

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Active and Passive Liveness

Liveness checks use various biometric measurements to ascertain that we are dealing with a real live face and not a replica in any form. Digid allows for passive liveness that does not require the end user to do any challenge. The solution also includes active liveness where the user can be challenged to do things like smile or move their eyes as an added layer of security.

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Widest Acceptance Rates

The biometric and liveness detection integrated into Digid's products has been deployed and tested successfully around the world with people of all different ethnic backgrounds. Examples include successfully identifying 7 million high-quality unique voter records in Guinea, West Africa. The National Information Center (NIC) of Saudi Arabia now uses the solution as the primary border control system for its 33 million citizens, and in Thailand it manages 75 million records for their National Biometric ID System, including facial matching. In Indonesia, 180 million records are managed for police quick response field operations, including face and iris scanning.

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Irreversible Dynamic Biometric Template

Digid's patent-pending dynamic biometric template safely captures biometric data, which is then stored as a dynamically changing template in our network. The template's changes are based on various factors that such time, events, and contextual and environmental factors, and remains up-to-date and adaptable to the user's evolving biometric characteristics. By storing the template in Digid's secure network it can be accessed and compared across any device used by the account holder. The template is non-reversible and non-traceable, meaning it cannot be used to identify an actual person's biometric on its own. It only becomes meaningful when compared to a real-time capture of the person's biometrics at a given point in time, preserving privacy and security.

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Cross platform (Web & Mobile)

Digid biometrics and liveness checks support both native apps (e.g. iOS, Android) and web platforms. The solution does not require the relying party have a mobile app.


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